Is Preselling Really The Seventh Wonder of The World?

Just the way selling is important, even preselling is as important, especially if you're an affiliate that's trying to get more sales.

You're basically doing nothing but warming up your prospect before forwarding him to the sales page to get a better conversion rate. Today is a short little collection of excellent guides for presell copy, but this is by no means comprehensive.

You can add different devices to presell copy that will help your cause, and we will talk about that more next. See about getting permission to use something that amounts to a testimony, but it is from a recognized expert. By simply using an expert testimony along with your presell you'll be able to make your prospects a lot more comfortable with the product since they'll see it being endorsed by someone who is trusted. If you are professional with your approach, then you can easily find an expert in your market who would be willing to do this for you if you give link back to their site. Maybe this will work, but we do not know if you can find anyone so be sure to make an honest effort into it.
We mentioned something about a review in another part of this article; however, the review method is definitely a form of preselling, but as you should know the format is totally different. But with a review it becomes even more important for you to have actually used the product, read it or whatever. Never be afraid to include things you did not like about the product, and also even state your suggestions to improve or fix anything. Preselling is about communication that works, and that means you can talk to your target audience in the words and language they use on a daily basis. So you write your presell and provide a link to the sales copy, and that is all you can and should do. Any preselling copy is only as good as the traffic going to it, so that is something you have to get right from the beginning.

Also, numbers and graphs really get people's attention, but once again if it is in the IM niche, then people may think it is doctored, so proceed with some caution. So of course you have to look at what you are selling and do the research. When you have things like this in place, then it actually serves to make your job easier or it at least can reinforce it which is also helpful.

It is tough to rule out the power of preselling because it plays off of human nature, and that has still not changed.

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