3 Website Monetization Methods You Can Use Now

One of the great things about the net is almost anybody can make a site, monetize it, and send traffic to that site. But the biggest challenge new webmasters face is when it comes to extracting an income from their website.

The one typical area where a lot of folks drop the ball is acquiring a good working knowledge of how to correctly implement the knowledge of a particular monetization method.

It's understandable that people are eager to make money, but an ounce of prevention, by doing research, is worth more than a pound of cure in these situations. You need to consider what your market audience wants, and once you're satisfied that they could, or will, be ok with what you want to do, then it's a green light. What follows next are several monetization methods that have long since shown to be viable and profitable.

Contextual advertising is one of the most commonly used ways to monetize a website. These are ads that are generated by programs such as Google AdSense, where you simply place a code on your site and relevant ads start showing up. These are very simple to set up, and you get ads that are relevant to the theme of your site, earning money every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads. It may take a while before you make much money from this type of advertising, but if you can build up the traffic to your site, you will find that you start getting lots of clicks, which means effortless income. A much easier way to monetize your site is by using contextual type ads from Kontera which consists of in-text ads in your content. No need to be concerned about causing any confusion with your other links because links, from Kontera for example, are underscored twice. There are pretty small pop-ups that display when a user rolls the mouse cursor over them; we've seen them and they are not intrusive at all. If you've ever used Google Adsense, then the monetization works the same way.

One of the latest trends is the use of widgets that help you monetize your site. SmartLinks and Widgetbucks are a couple good examples of this method. Even though this might seem to be a less popular monetization method, it does work. They are actually used in different ways; you can get paid for clicks while other links are affiliate links. IM marketers like convenience, simple, and easy; so that is part of the reason they like this method because it is just using widgets. In conclusion, the tips that we discussed above can help you monetize any website, regardless of the topic. If you're ever unsure about something, the simple approach is to just test it out for your self. Don't waste too much of your time in the research though, because you should also be ready to test out new methods as you come across them. It's really all about your market and what they want, as well as what they consider to be of value.

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